Our main goal since 2009 has been to build top quality boards that cannot be broken, and after numerous tests with premium materials and by different riders, we can boldly say we believe in our products 100% and firmly guarantee that the board will serve you for a very long time.
Warranty does not cover hits, scratches, riding obstacles, damage made by accidents involving third parties (run over by other board, vehicle, surfboard, etc.).
Ride hard, land hard, progress fast without fear that your board breaks!


With our unique heavy duty press technology, we’re pressing the boards with 50 tons force during molding and 70C temperature!
By this technology, all unnecessary epoxide is squeezed out and only the exact amount needed is left in, this allows us to use heaver composites and make boards very strong and durable.

Choose board model

Shipping is FREE in Europe. For other countries please contact us or you can check shipping prices here

Carbon Pure2.0 kiteboard

From 999 Eur

Pure 2.0 kiteboard

From 450 Eur

Standard 2.0 kiteboard

From 450 Eur

Lightwind kiteboard

From 450 Eur

Rocket pro wakeboard

From 450 Eur

Crossover wakeboard

From 450 Eur

How it is made

Would you like to design your dream board? You know exactly how you want it, but can’t touch it… yet. 

We can produce it!
Saul Custom boards are not only good looking, they’re also of the highest quality, newest shape and unbreakable. 

You can make your own custom graphics, choose type and size of a board.

Premium materials are used for production:

Full Paulownia wood core.

Biaxial and triaxial fiberglass fabric, which is stronger than woven fabric.

Epoxy resin from 

Top and bottom high resolution graphics layers are protected with best quality plastics from ISO Sport 

All boards are shaped in CNC machine, it gives super accuracy to every board.

Saul Custom boards are handcrafted in Tarifa Spain.

How to order

Go to Store or choose board model below, add or remove accessories, select payment method, fill up order information and make the payment.

If you are experiencing any difficulties in making an order or have any questions, please contact us.

Don’t have ready graphics file and don’t know how to manage it? Our professional graphic designer can make it for you – just add graphic designer services in the price option.
Graphics top and bottom files size should be 5500x1600px 100dpi sRGB (recommended), send graphics to email If files are bigger than 20MB, please send them to us via Dropbox, Google drive or other file cloud service. We accept all graphics file formats.

You can find graphics in

If you do not have ready graphics file and don’t know how to manage it, our professional graphic designer can make it for you.

Terms of production – 2 to 4 weeks after payment and graphics confirmation.

 Shipping is FREE in Europe. For other countries please contact us or you can check shipping prices here

Graphics templates for Adobe Photoshop or similar free graphics editors like

Pure 2.0 kiteboard design template

Standrd 2.0 kiteboard design template

Wakeboard design template

Check boards designs

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