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Shaped and Handcrafted in Europe
Tarifa – Spain

Saul custom boards are designed for performance using innovative construction and materials including Paulownia wood core, Entropy BIO epoxy resin, carbon, basalt, triaxial and biaxial fiberglass, vivid graphics layers and IsoSport protection plastics from Austria.

Wire Limited Berry'17


Wire Limited Berry'17 00007

The Wire is our newest water boots added to the line. Sleek and

lightweight, the boot has single lower lacing entry reinforced with

hidden lace loops below each eyelet. This keeps the fit snug over your

entire foot. A single upper V Fly strap give the boot increased

flexibility in the upper ankle. Combining a lower lace with a upper V

Fly upper make it ideal for riders looking for more flex vs. traditional

lacing systems.


US 6-8 ( EU 38 t/m 41)

US 8-9 ( EU 41 t/m 42)

US 9-10 ( EU 42 t/m 43)

US 10-11 ( EU 43 t/m 44)

US 11-12 ( EU 45 t/m 46)

US 12-13+ ( EU 46 t/m 48+)


€269.95 In stock
Wire Limited Berry'17 Wire Limited Berry'17