Lightwind kiteboard


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Lightwind kiteboard is oriented for schools and beginner/intermediate riders. The board is very fast, fun, easily controlled, has great low-end, excellent upwind ability and acts flawlessly in lightwind conditions.Three stage rocker and single concave provide early planing and stability. Flexible tails make your landings more comfortable.

*Price is for board including your own graphics. If you need straps, pads, handle, fins or any accessories, please add in price option.

*Terms of production - 2 to 4 weeks after payment and graphics confirmation.

*Shipping is FREE in Europe. For other countries please contact us.

*Graphics top and bottom files size should be 5500x1600px (recommended), send graphics to email If files are bigger than 20MB, please send them to us via Dropbox, Google drive or other file cloud service. We accept all graphics file formats.

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If you do not have ready graphics file and don't know how to manage it, our professional graphic designer can make it for you - just add graphic designer services in price option.

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